we're all giveaway winners!

what a coincidence, the lilac and white teeny tweet that i won in a giveaway from felt me up designs arrived today.  but look who hitched a ride - a teeny tweet in "on cupcake moon" colours!  i've got some big plans for this little guy! =)

and now back to my cupcake wrapper giveaway.  here are all the pick of the hat entries...

the random winner is...

and per my judges, the new design will be cats and dogs!  honorable mentions to robots and bluebirds, so those might show up in my line sometime soon too!

so congrats to poppy and heaven is a cupcake!  i will be contacting both of you shortly about your prizes. =)

and all those who entered this giveaway get a their own special deal on my cupcake wrappers!  all sets of regular size wrappers are $7 for the rest of this month.  if you want to get some, just let me know which ones you would like and i'll set up a custom listing for you!

thanks again for all the entries! =)


  1. omg omg! I WON!!!! YAYYYY thank you bunches:)

  2. Big congrats to both the winners!
    And also congrats to you on winning the giveaway! That lil tweet is super cute!

  3. Aw thanks so much. And love that lil tweet!!