custom skater design

thanks to cafepress, i have been able to design special t-shirts for each of my little nieces - kitties, turtles, princesses, ladybugs...  but little did i know that my 8 year old nephew was a little jealous he didn't get a special shirt made just for him.  he asked me for one of a skateboarder and he wanted it on a black shirt too so this was going to be a bit of a challenge.  after a few days of working on it, i came up with this design of a skater breaking through glass:

the skater in this design is based on one of my friends.  i'm waiting for him to ask for royalties...  and btw, my nephew LOVES it.  as soon as he opened the package he put it on.  that's the best compliment i could have gotten. =)

♠ ♠ ♠

this shirt is available for purchase in my cafepress.com store: http://www.cafepress.com/OnCupcakeMoon.340434168


  1. That's totally an awesome shirt, Deb! I love it!
    Super cool! Maybe G's nephew and even my own older nephews may need one!