little whimsical treasures

i met brittney gobble in january of 2009, and her name is the name of her shop - bgobbleart.  this talented polymer clay artist creates the most adorable little dragons, along with some other creatures from both land (piggies!) and sea (turtles and seahorses!) that you would gladly welcome into your home.  she also makes some fabulous miniature wedding cakes!

i own several of her precious dragons but this one is my favourite - her mommy dragon with babies sculpture.  part of why is the baby just starting to break out of its egg.  it's very small, only about 2" wide and 1-3/4" tall, and it is proudly on display on my dresser.  i love the colours, the shimmer, and especially the detailed work she puts into each one of her pieces.  there are also embedded glass beads used in both the base and for their eyes which really help bring her creations to life.

another piece i love is this barrette she custom made for me.  i'm so happy my hair is more than long enough again to wear it often!

i am thinking my next purchase from her shop will be one of her turtles, perhaps a turtle ring?  but i have adored this miniature cake since i first saw it too!  hmmmmm...
when you purchase one of her items, you will receive a certificate of authenticity which has a picture of the item, materials used and her signature.  isn't that a great idea?  speaking of ideas... any of her pieces would make a great gift and keepsake!

a last note, brittney is truly one of my favourite sellers.  she exceeds in all areas of a great handmade shop - communication, customer service, craftsmanship and fast, well-packed shipping of her delicate items.  so please, make sure to go show bgobbleart and her sculptures some love. =)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! So many amounts of cuteness!!
    I'm gonna go check her shop right now!
    What a great find, Deb!