turtle girls unite!

a while ago i spent some time trying to create some of my little characters in polymer clay and i learned i am severely challenged in the 3 dimensional arts.  i don't know if practice will one day (ever) make perfect, haha, so in my quest to create my beloved turtles in 3-D, i enlisted the custom services of a favorite etsy shop, michellesclaybeads.  her style is very similar to my drawing style so she was the perfect person to help me make this a reality.  here's my design, and what she made for me:

i truly could not be more pleased with the job that she did on them!!!! =)  they are PERFECT!!!!  so now you ask why did i have her create them?  well, first of all they are an *exclusive design* made just for me!  if you purchase a minimum of $30 of my turtle girl design (can be any or a mix of lined or custom invitations, labels, and cupcake wrappers) you get to pick a turtle bead of your choice for your little (or big) turtle girl.

above is a sampling of some of the other beads of hers that i have purchased. all of them are incredibly cute, and when you see the actual size of them (they are very petite little things) they become even cuter!  they are very well made and she ships SO fast.  my experience with her and her shop has been nothing short of outstanding.  michelle lists new beads/items every so often, so make sure to heart her shop to make sure you'll get first dibs on her latest creations.


  1. Awww, those are so cute!
    I love those turtle beads! Super super cute!
    Btw Deb, I took an Etsy international survey, and they asked for my three favourite blogs, and I included yours as one of them! =D

  2. aww, thanks pili! i sincerely appreciate it - as always! =)

  3. Turtles! Deb, you sure know how to melt my heart! <3