one for the boys

one of the custom design orders i received last year was for an invitation for two boys graduating - one from middle school and one from high school.  both were very active in sports at their respective schools so my customer asked for me to use the school mascots as well as incorporate the actual sports that the boys played.  a challenge to say the least - and how do i not make this one "cute" since it is for two boys?!  after spending a lot of time trying to use the traditional sporting equipment icons for football and baseball and having very little success with a design that worked, i came up with the idea to make framed jerseys for each boy and put the mascot in between.

my customer loved it and i'm very happy with how all it turned out because i feel it's still "me" (my drawing style) but definitely very boy.  i also just received another order for this invitation so i'll be working on that today.  with graduations on the horizon and this being a prime time to order your invitations, find this truly personalized design with the option of your school mascot & jerseys on my website at http://www.oncupcakemoon.com/item.asp?i=26001

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