a very cute & easy easter cake

this week's recipe isn't so much of a recipe as it is an idea.  with easter being this weekend, i thought this would be the perfect thing to post.

i originally found this recipe as a sunflower cake.  the directions are to make a yellow cake and frost it with chocolate frosting.  you arrange the peeps the same way but put graduated sized chocolate chips in the center of the flower.  i LOVE chocolate, but chocolate frosting isn't my favorite.  and i think of sunflowers being late summer, not spring.  so i thought - how can i make this cake better for me, and more "easter"?

1.  i made a strawberry box mix cake (i have yet to find a cake recipe from scratch that tastes as light and as good as a box mix).  i also made it in two 8-1/2" rounds which had a scalloped edge like petals.
2.  i frosted it with vanilla funfetti frosting.   a big hint - make sure to do the top last to make sure the peeps and sprinkles will stick.
3.  i arranged sugar-free peeps around the edge like petals (peeps facing in).  i used the sugar-free peeps because they don't come attached in rows like the regular ones.  i then took the sprinkles that came with the funfetti frosting and scattered them in the center of the "flower".  didn't it turn out cute?!


  1. I just saw the recipe for the Sunflower cake and thought it was cute to try to do myself. Your idea came out great too!

  2. thanks, jenn! i thought the sunflower cake idea was so cute, just not me with the chocolate part of it. i'll also bet we saw the recipe in the same place!

  3. Oh my... this looks totally delicious and so cute!!
    It does look a bit advance for my baking skills, but I'll keep it mind for when I get better!!

  4. pili - i'd send you some if it wouldn't go bad before it got to you! i pretty much have to eat this cake myself. the man is not a fan of sweets.