a new name needs a new blog!

i am no longer "deb cards, etc.", a name i have had for many years. but i knew that a new name was needed - something cute, sweet and more youthful; a name that truly reflected my whimsical artwork. so after much input from friends and family (thank you so much!), hours of deliberation, pages of logo designs... i have arrived at the name of "on cupcake moon" and the logo below. i sincerely hope you like it too! =)


  1. I love both the new name AND the new logo! Cuteness overload!

  2. I second what Pili said! Congrats, Deb! It looks wonderful!

  3. thanks, everyone! sorry so late on the thanks. i had no idea i had all these comments until a few minutes ago. i apparently forgot to set up email notifications! :P