friday fuzzies

[fri'dā fuz'ēz] n. handmade finds of pure cuteness to make fridays even better

every friday i will share with you something or things that i found which meet the following criteria:
1. it's cute
2. it's handmade
and most of all,
3. i covet it

today it's 3 somethings with the theme of stars!

stars to hug...  check out vivikas' adorable little felt plush "you deserve a star".  it's just too cute! (btw, i have her tim burton-esque half plush and LOVE it!)

stars to wear... this stars ring is made of silver with the background color being prong-set recycled aluminum.  you can choose from 14 colors and the top part can also be made as a pendant.  decisions, decisions!

and last but not least, stars to take you away...  star shaped island hopper palm wax tarts from jennuinecandles.  the scent of a fruity drink with coconut and bananas whisks me straight to the middle of summer on these first few days of spring.


  1. Thank you so much for including my star shaped tarts in your Friday Fuzzies!

  2. Great items! You're a star for finding such treasures... :-)

  3. Ooooh, that star plushie is so cute and the ring... I'd love to have it as a pendant!