do you know what a "buttfreckle" is?

what exactly IS a "buttfreckle", you may ask?   it's an incredibly cute little plush ball with eyes that comes in many colors, textures and sizes.  but how did it get the name "buttfreckle"?  that can be explained in the undercover process bridgette has to go through to get them into her shop (see http://buttfreckle.bigcartel.com/)

"All freckles are snatched off quickly and with excessive force. They are then taken to a secret lab where they are exposed to radioactive caju dust which causes the freckle to greatly increase in size. After exposure to the dust, the freckle's unique characteristics become easily visible including their very own butt freckle (a special glass bead sewn on the rear)."

i think i should start with the story behind my first purchase... i initially saw these cute little creations in the etsy treasuries and fell in love with them.  my brother's nickname as a kid was "FB", short for frecklebutt which i think is self-explanatory.  once i found out what they actually were, i knew i needed to send one of these to him after all these years.  i purchased a blue grimace buttfreckle for him, perfect for his son in case he didn't find the gift as humorous as i did.  thankfully he did have a sense of humor with it when he received it but he kept asking me "what do i do with this now?"

and what does one do with a buttfreckle?  bridgette does have a list of ideas posted in her shop announcement, and here are a few: hide it in the medicine closet, stash it in your child's lunch, throw it at the cat, set it on your desk, tag the back of your bro's head... the possibilities are endless!  after the purchase for my brother, i started my own little collection of these characters.  i have a couple of fall/halloween ones, a couple holiday ones and a few others that match my decor colors.  i like to keep them out on display but where they are displayed has changed a few times!  my cats seem to think these little guys are included with their toys (they average around 2.5"-3" round depending on the freckle, and some come quite a bit larger). they stole my mummy right before halloween and it went missing until nearly christmas. then they stole my snowball right before christmas for about a week.  one of these days i'll have to purchase a buttfreckle just for them.

i don't think there is a buttfreckle in bridgette's shop that i don't love. they are all so cute, and the descriptions of where each freckle came from are truly worth reading.  her sense of humor makes her little creations even more endearing!  each time i heart one instead of buying it right away it ends up sold within a day or two.  apparently i am not the only one who is totally smitten with these little guys! =)


  1. how do you make one???.......

  2. omg the butttfreckles are so cute i want one so bad but i dont know where to get them from.maybe you can tell me

  3. her new shop is at: