wearing handmade wednesday: indiscretion!

my dear friend pili has inspired me to partake in "wearing handmade wednesday"!  i have some handmade clothing items, lots of jewelry and many other accessories so i know i will have a lot to share in weeks to come.

my inaugural post is about a handmade top.  the design was inspired by a movie favourite of mine - tim burton's "alice in wonderland".  i found a downright wicked dress in mara's etsy shop, Indiscretion, which i fell in love with.  however, i don't wear dresses too often and the dress listed was not my size so i asked her if she'd make me just the top part in the same design.  she did, and i LURVE it!!! now go check out this listing because if you love it as much as i do, you can have one too! =)


  1. Hooray! Thank you so much for taking part into Wearing Handmade Wednesday!!

    I love that top, Mara is so talented!! And you're such a hottie! ;)

  2. Thanks Ms. Awesome for blogging my top! You look so cute :D