friday fuzzies: part 1

[fri'dā fuz'ēz] n. handmade finds of pure cuteness to make fridays even better

every friday i will share with you something or things that i found which meet the following criteria:
1. it's cute
2. it's handmade
and most of all,
3. i covet it

since i missed "friday fuzzies" last week, i'm going to do 2 of them today!  this is part one with the theme of zombies! (and for those looking for the second recipe of the week, it will be posted saturday)

i cannot do a zombie post without my favouritist little zombie EVER!!!!!  zombie lovers tee by rockythezombie is available for kids of all ages (i have a tee and a tank myself!) on your choice of tee, tank or hoodie!  here's to ROCKY WORLD DOMINATION!  ;)

undying love pendant by thegraphicsshoppe...  love is forever even beyond the grave!

zombie kyle wooden kokeshi doll by licoricewits...  a super cute and shy little zombie who is really rather harmless.  he likes to nibble on ears because he's not brave enough to go for the brain.

zombie cupcake charm by baconFaced... comes with a complimentary penny sized cookie!

tor the stuffed zombie strongman by FireBongo...  he has a trick arm!  it falls off when he tries to lift his dumbbell.

OOAK needle felted zombie bunny by amberrosecreations...  walt is the first in a series of "zombie cuties".  i can't wait to see the others!


  1. Aaaaaah, love them all Zombies!
    And I agree!! All for Rocky World Domination!!

  2. I love you long time! forever, and ever!...I must tell everyone to come and read this post :)

    And I must tell Hud that I would be very happy to recieve a zombie bunny for my birthday!

  3. Thanks for including Tor in the mix! All of these zombies are cool, I've seen the Rocky stuff before and I really like it. Also, I should have a new ZOM type up on Etsy tomorrow.