a trip to robotland

my next big project is going to be a series of little monsters...  i'm very excited to get those designs done as they have been in my sketchbook for years, but in the meantime a design i have had sitting around since june of 2010 was nagging at me.

i really liked these robots a lot when i first drew them, but they just weren't right to me.  they weren't original enough and i really wasn't sold on the shapes i used.  the one thing i knew for sure is that i wasn't going to change the feet.

after sitting down and reworking them this past week, i came up with this design and i couldn't be happier with it.

right now they can be purchased as cards in my etsy shop but will soon be turned into many coordinating items such as invitations and cupcake toppers.

with no more old designs calling my name, it is time to start making all my monster sketches a reality! 

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  1. MOnsTerS!! I love your MONSTERS!!!! And your robots are pretty darn cute, too!