thinking outside the bun

i get the urge every now and then for fast food, and one thing i have enjoyed is taco bell's mexican pizza.  but it's hard to enjoy it when i now know how many fat grams and calories are in one little one (and how many hours on the treadmill i'll have to put in accordingly!).  they have also scaled back the pizza over the years to just beef, beans, cheese and tomatoes so i decided to make my own much healthier and more flavorful version.  it's another household favourite!

mexican pizza

i'm not listing quantities of anything on this recipe so that you can build your own pizza to your likings on any size tortilla

2 flour tortillas
refried beans
ground beef/chuck/sirloin already cooked with taco spices and/or sauce
quesadilla melting cheese and/or mexican blend shredded cheese
tomatoes, chopped
green onions, chopped
sliced black olives

1. preheat over to 400 degrees F.
2. on a non-stick cookie sheet or pizza pan put down a tortilla.  cover with a layer of refried beans and then another tortilla.  cover the second tortilla with salsa as if it were pizza sauce.  add a layer of ground meat and then cover with cheese.  scatter tomatoes, green onions and olives on top.
3. bake for 15 minutes, or until cheese is melted.

a 6" tortilla makes a good sized dinner portion for 1 person.  enjoy!

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  1. Oh GEEZ that looks good...may have to try that myself using the bocca soy crumbles. =))

  2. YES! Fake meat for me too...or even just a veggie version!! YUM. I want this now!!

  3. I'm going to sit over here and cry because I'm out of tortillas.

  4. Wow, Deb!! This looks absolutely amazing!!
    This is another recipe the bf will want to have for sure!!

  5. *drools* I'm coming to your house for lunch! :P
    That is some seriously yummy food (minus the meat)