friday fuzzies

[fri'dā fuz'ēz] n. handmade finds of pure cuteness to make fridays even better

every friday i will share with you something or things that i found which meet the following criteria:
1. it's cute
2. it's handmade
and most of all,
3. i covet it

today's theme - sushi!  (and a big thanks to tokyotombola for helping me come up with the idea while stalking his shop)

teacher's pet crochet fruit protector pink ebi by tokyotombola...  cosplay for your fruit!

california sushi roll by Cornstarch...  this shop has everything cute and sushi!

sushi bracelet by Komodokat... adorable polymer clay charms for your wrist!

pass the wasabi sandwich sak by WasteNotSaks...  such a great way to help the environment!


  1. SUSHI!!! If I could have remembered it, I would have suggested it myself!

    I love everything sushi, both to eat and in any cute form!

    I love all your picks, Deb!

  2. What a fabulously fun selection of sushi finds. I love the theme. Thank you so much for including my "Pass the Wasabi" Reusable Sandwich Sak. Kwan