i heart zombies LOTS

let's see - where do i begin with this one?!?  rocky the zombie was one of the very first shops i hearted on etsy, and was found when i was randomly searching for things under "cute skulls".  i fell in love with little rocky immediately and knew i'd be in big, big trouble!  rhi's artwork is the perfect marriage between cute and punk, and besides the t-shirts and hoodies with my artwork on them, the ones i own from her are truly my favorites!

the first shirt i purchased was the "zombie lovers" design as can be seen below.  i have *the* perfect items to go with it: black leggings, a gray, black & red plaid mini, a black cardigan, studded belt, and either black patent mary janes or black chucks...  can you see how i fell for this little guy?

rhi used to hand paint all the tees - so i know my first couple of shirts are truly originals.  but now to help in her quest of rocky world domination, her items are screened.  besides women's shirts and hoodies she has onesies, kids tees, men's clothing, tote bags and paintings.  i own, ahem, (quite) a few of my favorite zombie apparel items and i can attest to them lasting very well through many washes.  there are also a few designs i'd like to get one day as an 8x8 painting.  here are a couple of my favorites... amazingly i don't have that skull cupcake one yet!  note to rhi: soon!!!

rhi makes quality products, ships fast (from the UK no less!) and i am always happy to consume the candy that gets included with my purchases.  she's very personable and will cheerfully accommodate custom orders - such as my zombie kitty (i love the touch of the fish!!).

she's even in kahoots with brooke van gory designs in making rocky screens for totes and handbags, which brooke sews together...  of course i have one (yes, this is mine!) - do you really need to ask?

so check out her shop, fan her facebook page, and if you decide to purchase something make sure to tell her deb sent you.  i think the best way to sum up this favorite handmade of mine is "cute, punk and zombified!". =)

p.s. i don't know if you can tell at its small size, but i even drew my avatar wearing a rocky shirt.  heee!


  1. I absolutely love both Rhi & Brooke!
    And I think we are neck to neck on who owns more goodies! ;)

  2. i know we're close - i'm pretty sure you've got the edge right now. however i plan on catching up soon!!! ;)

  3. Aww Deb this post is awesome! I need to pimp it out and show it off to everyone lol!

    You and Pili are easily my top two customers, I've no idead who's on top.. but I think you've both reached a level beyond that!

  4. thanks you!!! as i said on fb, i pledge my undying love to you and rocky and brooke! xoxo