wearing handmade wednesday: Girl Tuesday Jewelry

a few years ago, i discovered GirlTuesdayJewelry when i came across an adorable cherry pendant made from red heart glass beads in her etsy shop.  it's still one of my favourite pieces, and that purchase made me a big fan of her jewelry.  last year for valentine's day i picked up her tough love barbed wire hearts earrings.  they're so unique, fun, and edgy, and perfect for the holiday.

towards the end of last year while browsing her shop i decided i wanted barbed wire hoops, as seen on me below.  i love the hearts, but the hoops are more versatile for my wardrobe.  i picked rachel's original hoops, 1.75" in diameter.  i also requested to have them oxidized to make them a little more raw and rugged like real barbed wire.  needless to say i LOVE them and they are the perfect accessory to toughen up any outfit.

i've got a couple of other things i have my eye on in her shop - a stars lariat, ball and chain earrings, and a big heart pendant - so until they make their way into my jewelry drawer i'll be stalking them often.  you can join me in stalking her creations in her etsy shop, at her website - www.girltuesdayjewelry.com, and some of her rocker chic items can also be found at www.punk.com.


  1. Ooooh, those are awesome!! I love them! So absolutely unique!

    I'll have to check her shop!

  2. Hey if you can pull it off its your own style. looks good too